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Cyphernaut is a site that celebrates the diversity of the world through language. The goal is to provide information, games and resource links so that people interested in learning another languages beside English may do so. Links are provided to web sites, translators, dictionaries, books, CDs and DVDs that will help you learn the language of your choice. This site is a work in progress and will be continually changing, adding more games, guides and resource links on a semi-regular basis. In the future, this site hopes to present articles on the origins of languages, their evolution, their grammars and the future of languages. This site also features original, interactive Javascript JQuery games, created by Cyphernaut, to help build your vocabulary in other languages. Alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar guides are also provided for supplemental learning in each language covered. The quickest way to learn about other cultures is to dive in and learn their language. We’re all on this planet together – let’s learn each other's language.

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According to the Internet World Stats site, eight of the top ten languages used on the Internet are English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Russian and Portuguese. For starters, that’s what is presented here. Korean and Italian are presented as well. The Chinese used is Simplified Mandarin. Since this site is a work in progress, it hopes to provide resources for other languages in the future.

NOTE: Since Flash has become objectum non grata on the Internet, Cyphernaut has converted all its games from Flash to Javascript JQuery. This makes the games easier to use and more compatible with mobile devices.

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